Jalori Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 10,800 ft (3.120m). This is closest
pass from our home stay.This pass remains closed in peak on winter only. So in months of December, January and February you need to check before using this road.


Located amidst the tall Kharshoo trees. Saryolsaur Lake spreading as wide as a football ground. Located amidst the tall Kharshoo trees at a height of about 10,000 feet, Saryolsaur is no less than heaven. Just near the Saryolsaur lake, we have the temple of goddess ‘Buddhi Nagin’.


Chehni Fort is a 1500 years old building. It was the fortified residence of Rana Dhadhia.Initially it was 15 storeys high but after the earthquake of 1905 only 10 storeys were left. Presently this structure built of stone and wood only (No cement) stands around approximate 70 feet high.


A wooden structure (Temple) in the middle of a meadow in a dense forest.This destination is just 11 km. far from our home stay. one can easily visit this sightseeing.This trek is very easy on foot (2 Km.). There is a drive upto 9 Km. and then 2 Km. walk.


In Jibhi you will find this water falls inside the forest which cannot be viewed from the road. You will have to walk about 5-10 mins to reach near the falls. The place is neatly done with wooden lovely small bridges over the stream which is flowing down from the water falls. The area at the water falls is also nicely paved with stone and cement.


The Shringa Rishi Temple (or Shringi Rishi Temple) is an important religious center for the locals. The temple of Shringi Rishi is considered very sacred by locals and they believe that this deity is one which protects them. Shringi Rishi is one among the eighteen chief deities of Kullu valley.


Jibhi and Tirthan valley provides a very good plateform for wildlife photographers. our rich flaura and funa and very rich bio diversity is very good and unique for wildlife photographers.


Bahu is a Himalayan village with beautiful scenery. There is a Dry pond which is related to local DEVTAS. The scenery is what amazes the senses, putting you in a meditative state of mind.Trekking, short walk & sightseeing are all possible from here.


The trek to Raghupur Fort is a 3-km climb west from Jalori Pass, through oak and rhododendron forests. The entire path is marked with white arrows. The final kilometre is a steep climb through oak forests. There are vistas of green meadows and the majestic Himalayan ranges amid intense silence. Of the fort, little remains but portions of the outer wall.


Trekking, camping, wildlife & culture tour, adventure activities are what you can do with us in and around the GHNP in a very safe and friendly atmosphere.


Only 10 Km. far from here, Tirthan Valley derives its name from the Tirthan river, which winds its way through it. The pristine river originates from the icy cold glacial springs of Hanskund, a snow-capped peak in the verdant Great Himalayan National Park.


Trek to crystal mauntain is very charming and beautiful.Trek starts from jalori pass. It is around 5-6 hrs. Trek from jalori .This place is very perfect to experince 360 view of HIMALAYAS.